Another good week!

Well done Kingfishers another week (although slightly shorter) of working hard! This was our final week of writing fables and you all produced some fantastic writing so well done to you! This week our topic focus was on ‘Musical Rainforests’ as I’m sure some of you are aware of…. sorry about the noise! Finally, in maths we looked at shapes and during Thursday’s lesson we made our own 3D shapes out of spaghetti and playdough.

I would like to apologise about the mix up regarding homework. Last week when I posted I completely forgot about not being at school Friday which lead to some confusion. So, thank-you to those who completed the ‘tribal armbands’ homework. For those who haven’t please do not panic, they need to be handed in┬áby Friday 7th October along with the Maths homework based on shapes.

Just a final reminder that spellings will be on Monday so keep practicing!


Enjoy your weekend,

Mr Piper

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