Robins’ Monday

The Robins have listened to a Meg and Mog story today and drawn their own pictures and written sentences to go with them.  We’ve begun a block of work on shapes and we’ve been learning about corners and working out what shape could be hiding from us on the cleverboard!  The children made collage pictures of Meg and Mog too.  In PE the children had a great time moving around the hall like snakes, frogs and spiders and afterwards we listened to the fossil section of Saint Saens’ Carnival of the animals and learned two new songs.

We began our Phase 2 phonics today and the children worked on the ‘s’ sound.  They’ve brought home a little sound book in their bags – please help your child to think of some things that start with ‘s’ and then the children can draw them.  If they’d like to add the word below that would be great, or you could write it for them.  There’s also a Jolly Phonics ‘s’ sheet for them to do.  Please send the sound book back to school every day so that we can add the next sound.  Our sound tomorrow is ‘a’ so if you’d like to send in an item beginning with ‘a’ to put on the sound table that would be lovely 🙂

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