Head’s Blog

16th July 2020

Answering questions…

15th July 2020

Kinetic Letters – Slider Family

9th July 2020

Kinetic Letters – Fisher Family

9th July 2020

Feelings Assembly

Make sure you watch until the end; I need your help with our final assembly next week.

2nd July 2020

Kinetic Letters – Window Cleaner Family

2nd July 2020

Kindness Assembly

24th June 2020

Kinetic Letters – Abracadabra Family

24th June 2020

Motivation Assembly

17th June 2020

Kinetic Letters – Jumper Family

11th June 2020

Spaldwick Values Assembly – Care

1st June 2020

Welcome back to term 6 everyone 🙂

31st May 2020

Welcome back Key Worker children

14th May 2020

This week’s vlog!

7th May 2020

Here is today’s assembly, have a lovely bank holiday everyone.

28th April 2020

I’m getting brave and filmed the assembly in one shot so please excuse the errors!

20th April 2020

Welcome Back to School Assembly

14th April 2020

Headteacher Vlog

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