Thank you Ancient Egyptian Kestrels!

Thank you for all the effort put into your costumes for our Ancient Egyptian Day, you looked awesome! Hope you enjoyed all of the activities; making clay canopic jars, playing the Snake Game, dressing Ancient Egyptians, colouring the Pharaoh, and recreating the Great Sphinx out of biscuits. You worked together so nicely, making it a very successful day -one to remember!

Apologies for not getting your on-line homework set up until where can i buy lorazepam online Saturday afternoon, after clearing up from our busy day as Ancient Egyptians, I was frazzled & then family life took over, & it was the first chance I got. So, don’t worry too much about the Thursday deadline if Saturday morning was your homework time slot.

Take a look at our class page carousel as I have uploaded some photo’s from Ancient Egyptian Day.

Mrs M.

Kestrels’ Mathletics is set!

Your Mathletics homework has been set! Please don’t be afraid to grab a piece of paper to do some workings out on using any of the methods/strategies we’ve looked at, i.e. number bonds, partitioning, number lines or formal column methods – you’ll need to decide what will work for you!

Hope those costumes are coming along nicely, mine is…

And finally, don’t forget that those three reads to an adult is also part of your homework – a lovely chance for a quiet moment together.

Mrs Mallace

Kestrels’ Swimming Session 2

Our second swimming session has come round again already, so don’t forget to come to

school with your swimmers on tomorrow & your ‘you-know-whats’ in your swimming bag!

We had a great session last week, so I’m really looking forward to tomorrow,

Mrs Mallace

Welcome back Kestrels!!!

I can’t wait to catch up with all the summer news from the Kestrels!

We’ll be getting stuck in straight away – P.E. kits are needed for Wednesday, please do your best to bring a full (named!) kit in so you don’t miss out!

Mrs Mallace


Every P.E. lesson there is at least one person, but usually more, without a full kit, and some are frequent offenders. After today there won’t be any more lending of kits or using school shoes. A school P.E. kit; shorts, white t-shirt and trainers, MUST be in school every day until much closer to the end of term. Hopefully we’ll get to play some rounders matches against other classes which could happen on any day, but at the moment we don’t have kits even on standard P.E. days.

If your child’s PE is missing items, then please do come in and check the ever growing lost property box – I have been through it several times recently, however items are unnamed and the children don’t recognise them.

There are very few water bottles coming into the classroom, again they need to be in every day – please make sure they are clearly named too!

Your support is greatly appreciated,

Mrs Mallace

Woodpecker Homework & Ice Pop Project News!

We didn’t get to write in Homework Diaries today, so just in case messages come home a bit muddled… I will set some Mathletics, there’s the usual minimum of 3 reads to an adult, plus to create a poster encouraging people to visit Irchester Country Park.

Project Ice Pop: We’ve done it, the marvellous creations have been made -thank you for the bits donated from home! Posters have been put up around the school, each class has been informed & we will sell them via Snack Shop from Tuesday – the Woodpeckers will get to try one of their own for free, after all a product has to be tested before being released to the public! Again, photo’s coming to the carousel a.s.a.p.

Hope you have a good weekend!

Mrs Mallace


Woodpeckers’ Wonderfully Wet Wednesday!

A bit of rain didn’t stop the Woodpeckers from throwing themselves wholeheartedly into all the activities during our trip to Irchester Country Park yesterday. Terrific team work throughout the orienteering and full on enthusiasm & interest on the woodland walk – any moaning didn’t come from the children!

Thank you for such an enjoyable day!

Watch out for photographs on the carousel…

Mrs M