16.10.14 Blackbirds

Good evening,

The last two days in Blackbirds has been busy busy busy!! We have been looking at halving in maths, we halved shapes today, tomorrow we are moving onto halving numbers. In literacy we have been using the rhyme ‘Londons Burning’ to help create a round of our own. We are going to sing our version in celebration assembly tomorrow. In the afternoon we looked at the artist Henri Rousseau.

The learning logs were amazing this week and I am beginning to run out of stickers for their homework charts. Well done Blackbirds.

Robins’ Thursday

Today in Robins we learned our new sound ‘i’ and recapped on ‘s/a/t’ and then segmented the sounds in words and write these down.  We are practising correct pencil grip and letter formation and the children are trying really hard 🙂

We said the rhyme ‘5 little peas in a peapod pressed…’ and made collage pictures of peas in pods – ordering numbers carefully.  We also worked in the writing area and role play area and with the big foam number tiles.  Tomorrow we will be consolidating the sounds we have learned this week so no new sound will be covered.

Robins’ Thursday

The Robins have worked really hard today, they have practised measuring objects they found in the classroom and decided whether they were longer or shorter than a 30 cm ruler.  They have had another guided writing session and Mrs Hindmarsh and I were really pleased with how they’re getting on with identifying the sounds in words and writing these.  We’re also using full stops!  After listening to the story of ‘The three little pigs’, they loved going outside of school to look carefully at houses opposite the classroom and use a clip board to make an observational drawing – they felt so grown up 🙂  Our sound in phonics today was ‘ff’ which the children now know comes at the end of some words.

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins have been singing ‘Ten fat sausages’ today and have made sets of sausages from salt dough, tried to hear the sounds in words and write these down and they’ve worked on the new sound ‘a’ and learnt the action.  Tomorrow’s sound is ‘t’.

Robins’ Wednesday

Today the Robins have practised reading sentences and drawing a picture to go with them, mixed two colours to make green (I hope they remember which!) and made a collage owl.  We have learned about the ‘ar’ sound and thought about numbers with one and two digits.  Your Robin has their slip in their bag telling you which jobs they have done.

Blackbirds 20.11.14

Wow what a busy day…



Maths – adding tens and units.


Looking at the story of Dogger and thinking about different emotions. Plus reading groups with Mrs Balchin.

Lastly boomwhackers. I am looking forward to another busy day tomorrow.

End of day collection arrangements

In order to minimise confusion at the end of each day, please could Robins, Swifts and Blackbirds parents collect their children from the courtyard area.  These children will be released by class teachers from the classroom doors.  Older pupils (Woodpeckers, Red Kites and Eagles) will be taken around to the play ground as usual.  Parents are asked to collect their younger child/children first and then make their way to the playground to meet their older child/children.  Teachers will not allow older pupils to walk around to the courtyard without being collected by a parent in person.

Thank you

Robins Parents Information Sessions

Hello Parents and Carer, the dates for the information sessions are: Tuesday 4th November, 9.00 – reading, Tuesday 25th November 9.00 – writing and Tuesday 20th January – maths.  All sessions will be in the Community Room in school, please sign in at the office first.  Look forward to seeing you there!

Robins’ Monday

The Robins began learning Phase 2 phonics today and have brought home their little sounds books.  The sound was ‘s’ and they practised writing ‘s’ in the sand, on white boards and with crayons.  They also thought about the rhyme ‘One elephant went out to play upon a spiders’ web one day…’ and drew pictures of webs and elephants and tried to write a caption or label.  They matched conkers to numbers to 10, made chalk pictures of elephants and did PE this afternoon in the hall.  Tomorrow’s sound is ‘a’ so if your child has something beginning with that sound they can bring it to school to show us.

Blackbirds plane designing

During the afternoons of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we are looking planes as part of our journeys topic. If you have any information books you would like to bring please do so.
I am looking forward to seeing how hard you have worked on your multiplication with Mrs Saunders in maths. We have lots of poems to read and we will be writing our own too in pairs.
See you tomorrow afternoon.