This week in Blackbirds……

We were learning about the different planets, we created the solar system in groups. We had to use our co-operation skills. – Matthew and Rebecca

We looked at Mars, it is the red rocky planet. We did some red colour mixing before painting our planet. We had to use our listening skills. – Layla and Amelia

We did some weighing in maths, we found objects that were heavier and lighter than 100g. The potato was heavier and the syrup was lighter. – George, Isaac and Andrew

We wrote instructions to get around Fairyland and not get lost. We had a checklist to remember to use a new line for each instruction, to use bossy verbs, time connectives and make it clear and to the point. We were successful Blackbirds. – Connor, Sean Ellen and Matthew

Robins’ Monday

We began a new mini topic today on number rhymes and concentrated on ‘Five little ducks went swimming one day…’.

We numbered ducks and segmented the sounds in the word ‘duck’ to go with pictures we drew.  The children made some collage pictures – one was an amazing picture of two little ducks!  The children did PE and practised moving in different ways depending on the instrument that was played.

Finally we made up the Robins’ Rules and drew pictures of ourselves keeping one of them.

Robins’ Wednesday

Today the Robins tried Chinese prawn crackers!  They loved them and talked about how they smelled, tasted and felt when they ate them!   They made mini books about goats and wrote about the race.  We drew around our feet to make the legs for our dragon – you’ll see him when you visit the classroom today or tomorrow.  The children took part in Basic Skills in PE and worked with Mrs Leaver on helping.

Unfortunately the Robins’ Open Classroom tomorrow morning is postponed.  A new date in the near future will be put on the website.  Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

Robins’ Tuesday

Today the Robins have continued thinking about Chinese New Year and have made Happy New Year cards – your child might remember how to wish you a Happy New Year in Chinese!  They have painted pictures of dragons and made Chinese lanterns and have been learning about our first vowel digraph – ‘ai’.   We are working on adding at the moment and so the children are getting used to recognising the symbols used in our number sentences (+ and = ) and will start writing their own number sentences soon.

Please remember that it’s PPA PE tomorrow so your children will need their outdoor PE kit.  It’s very cold over lunchtime so tracksuit bottoms will be vital to keep those little knees warm!

Robins’ Monday

Today the Robins worked on the ‘ng’ sound in phonics and practised writing words with this sound.  They added sound buttons and are getting really good at this!  We watched a video clip about Chinese New Year and saw a puppet show.  Your child should be able to remember who won the race and which animals took part.  We are practising using chop sticks and have been ambien to order online making dragons outside with the glittery shapes.  This afternoon the children had PE and used the apparatus.  They’re working on travelling in different ways using both their hands and feet and are getting very creative!  We finished the day with our buddies and painted pictures of the aliens we’ve been making profiles for and pictures of.  You can see these in the corridor in school 🙂

Robins’ Thursday

Today the Robins thought about ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ and had their first guided reading session.  They created a big soldier by drawing round one of our Robins and then loved painting him – he’s on the wall already!  We practised counting sets of objects and matching these to the numerals and some children wrote their own numbers.  The children worked hard on their phonics today and learned ‘h’ as well as recapping on all the sounds order clonazepam overnight delivery we’ve covered do far.

In the Robins’ garden the children made castles with the glittery shapes and painted their own soldiers.

Please don’t forget that your child can dress up as a hero for Children in Need tomorrow – donations will be collected in the mornings and the total amount raised will be shared on the website.

Blackbirds 2.10.14

Wow what a busy day it was yesterday!

We started the day with sentence writing, followed by handwriting and phonics. Then we wrote our letters that we have been doing in neat and illustrated them. In maths we started looking at direction work, please reinforce at home with left, right, forwards, backwards instructions.

In the afternoon we continued with our topic sorting dangerous animals into different groups.

Robins’ Friday

The Robins have worked with their buddies today on their descriptions and pictures of aliens.  You should hopefully be able to see the results of this work soon!  They have also played an alien game and worked on adding two sets of objects together and recognising doubles.  The Robins have enjoyed some music work this afternoon and worked with Mrs Leaver in the ICT suite.

Blackbirds 22.1.15

After role playing a journey to the moon aboard our space rocket yesterday, today we landed on the moon to investigate. We created our own fictional alien and described it using lots of interesting adjectives. Lots of Blackbirds tried hard to write sentences with both adjectives and conjunctions describing their alien. In the morning we re-wrote sentences with the correct punctuation after receiving a letter from the mayor asking for our help. In maths we were subtracting tens and units.
The homework books were given out today with two bits of homework to do over the next two weeks. After writing the money word problems please have a go at solving them.
Mrs Allen and I as always had a lovely day.