Robins’ Monday

We began a special block of work linked to Remembrance Day today and learnt the rhyme “10 little soldiers”.  The children made flags and shields and managed to fix these so that they fluttered in the wind and stayed on their arms independently!  They cut out and ordered numbered soldiers and wrote captions to go with pictures of soldiers.

We watched a video clip about poppies – your Robin might be able to tell you who makes them!  We then worked with our buddies and made our own poppies which we’ll wear to our Remembrance Assembly tomorrow along with all the other children and staff in school.

We also had our first rehearsal in the hall for our production!  The children know what their part is now, letters will be sent soon with details of costume requirements and tickets, and your child might well be singing some of our songs too 🙂

Robins’ Friday

You might have a ‘royal robin’ coming home today!  We thought about ‘The Queen of Hearts’ and made jam tarts with Mrs Leaver – including the pastry!  The children made crowns and drew pictures of queens and practised saying ‘qu’ words like ‘Quick/queen/quarrel’.  The children worked outside with the bikes and scooters and in the sand and water.

Blackbirds Wednesday

The Blackbirds had a great time on the Life Education bus this morning, they met Harold and helped him feel better, gave him some advice about medicines and helped his friend Alex, why don’t you ask them about it.

we came back to the classroom and took photos of each other showing a range of feelings, we are going to follow up what we learnt by making films in ICT.

Blackbirds you made me very proud with your excellent behaviour and good answers, well done!

Blackbirds 25.9.14

Wow what a busy day! We completed our morning work, phonics, handwriting and maths and that was just before playtime. In maths we looked at time and looking at both digital and analogue clocks. We have written a postcard with excuses as to why we would be late for school- we let our imaginations go wild!

This afternoon we completed some more on our topic work.

See you all tomorrow.

Robins’ Monday

Today the Robins began finding out what Comic Relief is all about while we thought about our homes.  They found about the life of a little girl called Ronika who lives in Kenya.  They compared her house and toys with their own and drew pictures of their houses and wrote sentences to go with them.  We practised thinking about bigger and smaller numbers, find out the total when we add them together and the difference between them by taking the small number away from the larger number.  The children worked with Mrs Page to cook biscuits for our bake sale on Thursday – they look and smell delicious!

In PE we began a block of work on dance using the ‘Popcorn’ theme and we contrasted moving along different paths.

This week, we’d like to set up a builder’s yard in the outdoor area.  If your Robin has a construction worker’s hard hat, jacket or tool belt that they’d like to bring in to use, please feel free t send it!

Robins’ Tuesday

The Robins were so excited about their first official appearance at a school assembly but they managed to squeeze in a very busy morning too!

The children were thinking about farmers and harvest and listened to ‘Farmer Fred’ and then drew pictures of him with his animals and wrote a caption.  They practised their handwriting skills by matching the sheep to the barns and painted pictures of farm animals.  We’re working on shapes at the moment so after practising counting and recognising numerals the children used a feely bag to try to explain what shape they could feel – using mathematical language such as ‘curved, corners and sides’.

Another exciting day awaits the Robins tomorrow – more details in tomorrow’s post!

Robins’ Wednesday

Wow what a busy day!  The Robins learned about the ‘y’ sound today and practised listening to noises and then holding up the corresponding number of fingers – they then used bead strings to show the right number of beads to match a number between 10 and 20.  After they’d got changed for PE we spent the rest of the morning on the Life Education Centre bus with Harold and his friends!  The children thought it was “awesome” and really were fantastic.  They learned about the human body, how to keep healthy and how they could help Harold to feel better if he was sad.  In the afternoon they had RE with Mrs Leaver and practised their basic skills in PE with Mrs Wisbech.