Blackbirds 4.11.14

Blackbirds have had a great day back, writing about half term, going for green maths and learning about firework safety as part of our new topic.

They have the test they are on in ‘going for green’ maths in their bags, this is for you to see what is involved and to give them an extra practice (10 minutes allowed!) They can come back next Tuesday.

Robins’ Thursday

The Robins have practised balancing objects with the compare bears today and are getting really good at this! They use the language of heavier and lighter etc confidently and have really enjoyed this block of work.  They have continued to practise using their phase 3 phonics in their writing and have used the computers to practise their number bonds to 10, and identifying initial sounds.

We have a collection of un-named cardigans, tee shirts and other items of clothing that we are unable to reunite with their owners – if you are missing something, please have a look 🙂

Robins’ Thursday

What an exciting day!  The Robins watched the launch of the space shuttle and then thought about what they’d take to space in their space bag and wrote a list.  They built space ships from recyclable materials and tried to collect fuel for their rockets on an ICT game.  They worked in our space rocket and wrote about what they could see out of the window!  The children learned the sound ‘v’ in phonics and practised writing words with phase 3 sounds (sounds books are being completed again :-))

In Maths, the children practised ordering themselves with numerals to 20 and then practised counting and writing numbers to 20.

To add to the excitement, we think we had a visit from the Tiger Who Came to Tea!  Your Robins will tell you why!

Robins’ Thursday

Today in the Robins the children have worked on the computer on a counting game, in the role play area and outside in the sand  water.  They’ve practised their fine motor skills by threading and using the tap tap set and have used to musical instruments.  The Robins have worked with Mrs Hindmarsh today on writing their names and with me on counting and comparing sets of objects.

Have a lovely evening,

Mrs Arbuthnott

Getting stuck in!

The Blackbirds are getting stuck into the new topic and beginning to get absorbed in all the information. Next week we are going to be building rockets in teams and may just launch our own rocket. Please could I ask you to collect 2l plastic bottles and small cardboard boxes to help us to start making. Thankyou

Blackbirds changes to routine

We have had a busy start in Blackbirds, it’s been really good to see everyone back healthy for the start (at least!) of term.

We did spellings today but the next 2 week’s tests will be on Tuesday because we have the life education bus next week, then we are off to Hinchinbrooke the following Wednesday . Please make sure you return the permission slip for this event.

Also going for green maths will be back next week so some practice over the weekend would be great……..

thank you