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Absence Request

We want all of our pupils in school for as much time as possible in order to maximise their learning time and opportunities. We strongly discourage term time breaks and holidays and ask that parents consider very carefully when requesting them.

June 2018: : Term time holiday information letter from Huntingdon Area Primary Partnership: Authorisation of Term Time Absence Letter June 2018

The Governors would to draw to parents' attention the following:
The Government has made it clear that parents do not have the automatic right to withdraw their child from school during term time.
The Government has made it clear to Headteachers that they no longer have the discretion to authorise term time absence, unless it is due to exceptional circumstances.
Taking a pupil out of school disrupts their learning and may cause them to fall behind their peers. Absence can also affect a child’s relationship with others.
Term time breaks, when added to unpredictable absences, such as medical appointments and illness, all add up.
If the absence is not authorised and still taken, the case can be referred to the Educational Welfare Service if there are concerns about overall level of attendance.
The school’s attendance levels are closely monitored by the School Governors, the Local Authority and nationally, in relation to pupils’ attainment and engagement in their learning. This close monitoring could result in penalty notices being issued to parents by the Local Authority.

Term time holidays, because they are cheaper, do not constitute exceptional circumstances and will not be authorised.

Parents will be aware of the Court judgement which clarified the meaning of regular attendance [following the Isle of Wight review case] The wording of the judgement indicates  that 'expected attendance at school to be 100%, unless there are exceptional or unavoidable reasons for absence'.  Parents may be aware that a penalty notice can now be issued by Cambridgeshire Local Authority in relation to unauthorised absences.

Informing the school of illness absence and medical appointments needs to follow the school procedures.