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Welcome to the Adventurers' Class Page

This is our Year 3 and Year 4 class.

Mrs Blake is the class teacher and is supported by

Mrs Piper, Mrs Button, Mrs Webb, Mrs Holt and Mrs Galpin

Welcome to our class page. Here you can find what we are learning about and our key themes.


Our PE days for the second half of the Spring term will be on Thursday and Friday. The sports we will focus on are dance on a Thursday afternoon and then we will have a session with the PE coach on Friday morning. The children can still come to school in their PE clothes. Their PE kit needs to include trainers, house colour t-shirt, black shorts or joggers and a black jumper. 


For our homework, we expect the children to read 5 times a week. They will receive a Dojo point in their reading record for their house. They will also need to complete one session on Timetable Rockstars and Mathletics each week. Their logins will be in the front of their reading records. We will also be carrying on with our spelling homework; these will come out to the children when they have finished a unit of spellings. 

Times Tables Rock Stars (

Mathletics United Kingdom | Empowering Maths Learning Online

English and Maths

We follow the White Rose scheme of learning for maths and Jane Considine as our basis for writing. 


Yearly Overview:

This year we are on cycle 2 of our curriculum. You can find all our curriculum newsletters at the bottom of the page.

Autumn 1

Theme - That's all Folks

'That's all folks' is a thematic unit based on animation and the history of animation. In this theme, children will learn how animation developed over time, how pictures are put together to make an animation. They will look at key developments including the use of the computer in aiding the progression. Key animators will be looked at including Walt Disney and Nick Park (the creator of Wallace and Gromit).


We will start the year with a continuation of our transition unit 'The Day the Crayons Came Home'. We will then start a narrative unit with a short film called 'The Little Blue Umbrella'. We will then finish the half-term with a lovely poetry unit called 'Autumn is Here'.


We will start out learning for the year with Place value, understanding number and practising out times tables. We will then move onto Addition and subtraction.


Autumn 2

In Autumn 2 we have 2 short thematic units that have a specific focus in Geography and History.

Theme - Three Giant Steps

This unit has a geography focus. We will look at Canada, France and Dover. We will look at the key geographical features of these places and what links them to each other. The children will look at the human and physical aspects.

Theme - A Saxon King

This theme has a history focus on 'Harold Godwinson'. They will learn about what it meant to be the last Anglo-Saxon king of England and how he became king. He is an important historical figure.


We will start this half-term with a narrative based on 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy' before moving onto writing instructions to create a 'Strong Mind'. We will finish the half-term with a non-chronological report based on the book 'An Anthology of Intriguing Animals'.


This half-term we will concentrate on multiplication and division. We will use resources to deepen our understanding of number before exploring written methods.


Spring 1

Theme - A world of difference

This theme has a key focus on different religions across the world. They will look at Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. They will explore the different beliefs, festivals and holy books.


This half term we will be looking at the short Disney film 'Feast' which is about a little dog that find a new home. It is a lovely story to inspire feelings, using exciting vocabulary. We will then create a short non-chronological report about a dog and we will end with writing a letter to persuade.


We will continue our work on multiplication and division, focussing on accurately using written methods, having used concrete resources to help us. We will then move onto Measurement, Area and Perimeter.


Spring 2

Theme - Law and Order

This theme looks at justice, citizenship and leadership. They will explore this through the understanding of the different systems across the world. They will develop their understanding of democracy by holding elections, voting and talking about rules.


We will start the half term with a lovely narrative based in Ancient China called 'The Magic Paintbrush'. It is written by Julia Donaldson, an author the children are familiar with, but written in a different style. 


We start off the half term finishing our work on length, perimeter and area before starting our new maths topic - fractions. Within fractions we ensure that we make it very practical, using manipulatives and recognising fractions, equivalent fractions and comparing them.

Summer 1

Theme - May the Force be with you

This is a science-based unit with a key focus on forces. They will explore push and pull forces and gravity before focussing on magnets.

Theme - Viking Warrior

This is a history-based theme looking at the Viking 'sea lord' Ragnar Lothbrook. This is a legendary story from over 1,000 years ago.


Summer 2

Theme - Under the Canopy

This is a fabulous theme to end the year with. It has a history and geography focus looking at the rainforest. The children will learn about the history of Mayan culture, where there are rainforests in the world and the importance of its habitat for a vast range of animals and plants.


Theme overviews: