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Navigators (Years 5 & 6)

Welcome to the Navigators' Class Page

This is our Year 5 and Year 6 class.

Miss Rogalski is the class teacher and is supported by Mrs Thomas and Mrs Green.

This year we are on cycle 2 of our curriculum. You can find all our curriculum newsletters at the bottom of the page. Further information about how subjects are taught at Spaldwick can be found under the curriculum tab.

Autumn 1

“A World of Bright Ideas” is a thematic unit which focuses on the creative process of invention and design. We will look at important inventions over time, before moving on to learning about more current issues such as patenting and copyright. We will actively engage in the design and make process, looking at the steps involved from generating a concept to producing a commercially viable product.


"Time Team" is a short geography and history unit focusing on our local area and how it has changed over time. The children will study their local area as well as researching a key individual from history from Huntingdon. They will then present their information in the form of a 'walking tour' to their peers.

“I Have a Dream...” is a thematic unit, based on issues of discrimination, particularly apartheid and anti-semitism, with a key subject focus on history. We will learn about the factors that contribute towards discrimination and why different groups have been stereotyped and, as a result, persecuted and badly treated.

Spring 1

"Pharaoh Queen" is a competency-based thematic unit with a history focus, telling the inspirational story of Hatshepsut. She is famous for being only the third woman to become pharaoh in 3000 years of Ancient Egyptian history and the first to attain the full power of the position. We will learn, through her life story, all about her achievements and ongoing legacy

Spring 2

“You’re Not Invited” is a thematic unit, based around invaders with a key focus on history. We will begin by looking at the concept of invasion, before focusing especially on the Romans, learning about important Roman figures and their reasons for invading other countries. We will also learn about sources of evidence and their reliability.

Summer 1

“Been Around the World” is a thematic unit based around the UK and Hong Kong, with a key focus on geography. We will explore the links between the UK and Hong Kong as well as the location and key features of Hong Kong. In addition to looking at the physical features of Hong Kong, and their impact on the people who live there, we will also investigate different approaches to animal conservation in the two countries.

Summer 2

"True Crime? The Pendle Witches" is a history-based theme that develops skills in selecting, organising and understanding relevant historical information through an investigative approach. Pupils will learn about the importance of good evidence when investigating a historical event and use their skills in reading, interpreting and discussing evidence to put forward a verdict based on what we know today.

“Global Warning” is a thematic unit, which is geography-focused with sustainability and eco literacy at its heart. This project-based theme involves you applying your learning about the global environmental issues of waste and pollution by creating a board game, which is both educational and fun. You will work in groups to research, design and produce your board game, after which you will present and demonstrate it to the class.


Our PE days are Thursday and Friday. On both of our PE days, the children can come to school in their PE kits (trainers, house colour t-shirt, black shorts and a black jumper).


Navigators are expected to record 5 reads a week, complete either their Mathletics or paper homework, as well as their weekly spellings. Each week, we go through homework together on a Friday. Children are welcome to attend homework club on a Monday lunchtime to complete their work and to receive additional support with their home learning.

Times Tables Rock Stars ( (Year 2 only)

Mathletics United Kingdom | Empowering Maths Learning Online (Updated after each unit has been taught in class)

Theme overviews: