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Welcome to the Pathfinders' Class Page

This is our Year 1 and Year 2 class.

Mrs Louise Worrell is the class teacher, supported by Mrs Gill Green and Mrs Rosy Foulds. 

Autumn 1

This year we are on cycle 2 of our curriculum. You can find all our curriculum newsletters at the bottom of the page.

Theme - Inter-Nation Media Station is a thematic unit, based on media and broadcasting, with a key focus on history, through which pupils will learn about early methods of communication, leading to the invention of both television and radio. Pupils will develop confidence in oracy, through opportunities to work on their own broadcasts.

English - we will be using the Write Stuff to teach writing and our first unit will be based on the story, Grandad's Island.

Maths - we follow the White Rose sequence of learning. Term 1 covers place value and addition and subtraction. 

Autumn 2

Theme - this term we have two themes. Our first is a Geography unit, Paddington's Passport. We will be learning about contrasting locations and finding out about Peru and London.

The second theme is The Visionary, a historical theme learning about Ada Lovelace.

English - we will start the term by writing firework poems and then we will move on to the narrative, Wombat Goes Walkabout.

Maths - we will continue to practise our addition and subtraction skills before moving on to geometry.

Spring 1

Theme - Zero to Hero is a history-based thematic unit about heros and heroines, both past and present. They have all overcome major challenges in life and become inspirational figures: Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, Mother Teresa, Thomas Edison and Malala Yousafzai.

Spring 2

Theme - Land Ahoy is a thematic unit, with a subject focus on science and geography. The science element is based around sound, speed and motion and begins by exploring how things move, linking with a pirate’s journey around the continents and ocean. The unit concludes with an introduction to sound, focusing on sources of sound and the relationship between distance and volume. Threaded through is the theme of acting responsibly, with consideration for others.

Summer 1

Theme - Royal Patrons is a competency-based thematic unit with a history focus, comparing the lives of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. Elizabeth was a direct descendant of Queen Victoria, her great-great-grandmother, and both are recognised sources of inspiration whose legacies will live on.

Summer 2

Theme - Going Wild is a thematic unit based around humans and animals, with a science focus. Pupils will look at humans and animals, beginning with characteristics of living and non-living things, through to classifying birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals. There will be a particular focus on looking after animals and pupils will learn about extinction, wildlife conservation, habitat destruction and endangered species.

PE - Monday and Wednesday - please come to school wearing your PE kit. 


Reading: Please spend 5 minutes a day reading with your child - it makes such a big difference. We will change our library books on a Wednesday.

Spelling log books: Year 2 will bring home a spelling log book at the beginning of the week. For each unit of work, the children will be given 6 new words to learn to spell (these are called red words). Any words that the children were unsuccessful with in the lesson will be written in the 'Speed Spell' section of their log books. These words can be practised at home so that when we do the 'end of unit quiz' (known as the jumping red words section) the children will hopefully be able to spell them correctly, and they can be stuck on the wall in our classroom! Each unit tends to last a week.

Mathletics: This will be updated with new tasks as we reach the end of a unit. 

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